Michael Zetterlund

Michael Zetterlund is the Chief Product Officer at Ariane. Management of product development & strategic roadmap, as well as leading the marketing team.

Hotel Self-Service Secrets: 20 Reasons Why It's a Must-Invest (And When It Isn't)

67% of hotel owners plan to invest in self-service in the next 1-2 years, as per a recent Skift report. We obviously agree with their strategy and created a list of 20 good reasons why we believe it's a smart investment. However, it's essential also to consider a few factors that might make self-service investment less suitable for your hotel.

Five ways a hotel kiosk can help hotels overcome staffing challenges

Learn five different ways where self-service can help your hotel become more profitable and solve...

Mobile keys - hot or not, and why things are changing?

Our Chief Product Officer, Michael Zetterlund, shares his view on the future of the mobile key.


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