Outdoor Check-in Kiosk

Self service technologies in hospitality is becoming a guest expectation. Reduce your staff cost, boost guest satisfaction, and create a memorable guest experience with our advanced check in kiosk solution.

Outdoor hotel kiosks

Our Duo 1800 series kiosks are built for the outdoors. Provide an easy check-in as a simple, low cost and effective way of managing late arrivals to your hotel.  Arriving and departing hotel guests can use the kiosk to: 

Walk-in when arriving without a hotel reservation thanks to our self service kiosk. This includes selecting an available room and completing the same steps as for regular check-in.

walk in on self check in kiosk
Check-in & out
Our outdoor self check in kiosk allow hotel guests to get their key in a few simple steps. 
 Guests can also leave the hotel after checking out on the self check out kiosk

check-in on self check in kiosk
Key pick-up
Pick-up room keys on the contactless check in kiosk in less than 20 seconds by scanning a QR code if pre-check-in was done online before arrival. 

key pick up on self check in kiosk
In-house (already checked-in guests) can use the kiosk to create an additional or replacement key

in house on self check in kiosk

Discover our DUO 1800 features

Discover our automated check in kiosk's features by moving the mouse over our interactive image


Advantages of check-in kiosk for hotel guests

  • 24h check in kiosk allowing guests to check-in late at night in hotels with limited staff availability
  • Book a room and get access to the hotel even after closing hours
  • Simple interaction in the guests own language
  • Express service - no need to wait in line
  • Automatically encoded keycards OR dispensing of mechanical keys
  • Go straight to room after completing the check-in



ADVANTAGES of check-in    kiosk FOR YOUR HOTEL

  • Reduced staff cost
  • 24h hotel check in kiosk
  • A consistent arrival and departure experience
  • Improved upselling results ID and Passport scan
  • Improved guest satisfaction
Increase Revenue with self service technology


Can I customize the check in and out kiosk ?

The outside check in kiosk exists in three different color ; red; white and charcoal grey. 




How can I get support for my self-service kiosk in case I need help or assistance?

Online support

A dedicated team of technical experts are available to help you solve any issues you may encounter with our systems. With the ability to remotely control your installations, our team will bring them back to full operation in only a few hours. Our online support center offers comprehensive opening hours to satisfy our most demanding customers.

Onsite support

Should we not be able to resolve an issue with our online support center or need to replace a faulty part, our teams will dispatch a technician to your site in a short time.

The same terminals can be used to request replacement keys and even check-out.




How do I know if my pms is integrated with our self service kiosks ?

Check our integration overview to see if our kiosks are supported by your PMS.




What if our hotel is working with mechanical keys ?

Our outdoor kiosks can be delivered with keycard compartments instead of encoders for electronic keys. Load your mechanical keys to an empty compartment, update the reservationin the PMS with the corresponding compartment number and the correct key will be dispensed when the arriving guest completes check-in. 




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