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Elevating the Check-In Experience with Welcomer Dashboard

Elevating the Check-In Experience with Welcomer Dashboard

The Welcomer Dashboard emerges as an indispensable tool, seamlessly bridging the gap between traditional check-ins and self-service check-in. This innovative dashboard redefines the check-in process, offering a harmonious combination of technology and personalized guest interaction by ensuring the addition of human guidance during a self-service journey.

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Discovering the Welcomer Dashboard


Envisioned as an essential component accompanying the Allegro V7 self-service suite, the Welcomer Dashboard introduces a new hybrid approach to guest arrivals. Accessible directly through our web-based back office, this feature presents an intuitive and ergonomic interface, best experienced on a tablet. Its primary function lies in overseeing the day's reservations as a complementary tool for the self-service kiosk, facilitating its use for the guest, and empowering the staff to manage the arrivals with better efficiency. All the reservations on the welcome dashboard can be conveniently filtered by arrivals (all arrivals, due in or in-house) or departures (all departures, not checked out or checked out).

 Welcomer Dashboard

Pioneering a Transformative Guest Experience


Adopting the Welcomer Dashboard marks a significant leap forward for hotel receptions, offering a slew of compelling advantages:


By appointing a designated "welcomer" from the reception staff, the assurance of immediate guest recognition upon entering the lobby becomes a reality. The anxiety of arriving guests, uncertain of their next steps or facing lengthy queues, is replaced by a warm and prompt 
welcome. With actionable information, staff can help guide guests to the optimal check-in path, saving time and preventing potential frustration.

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Equipped with the Welcomer Dashboard, staff members can focus on meaningful guest interactions rather than adhere to mechanical check-in protocols. The familiar automated tasks—typing on computers, scanning documents—are transcended, allowing staff to offer a distinctly human and pleasant arrival experience. 

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The true magic of the Welcomer Dashboard unfolds in one of his latest features, the ID Verify. The ability to swiftly welcome and authenticate guests with one button. A matter of seconds is all it takes for the dashboard to cross-reference guest IDs with information extracted from the system, culminating in a seamless identification process.

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Beyond bolstering staff efficiency, the Welcomer Dashboard translates into substantial time savings per check-in. Most of the process is efficiently delegated to guests through the kiosks.

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Intuitively designed and user-friendly, the Welcomer Dashboard ensures uncomplicated navigation and comprehension, enabling hoteliers to perform check-ins seamlessly. Its user-centric design streamlines the learning curve, empowering hoteliers to wield the system with minimal training.

Mastering Staff-Kiosk Bridging.


Harmonizing Technology with Human Touch


It is imperative to grasp that the Welcomer Dashboard complements flawlessly with a hotel's self-service kiosk rather than acting as an isolated, portable check-in device. A well-implemented arrival process utilizing staff as welcomers rather than traditional receptionists ensures that we keep the human touch while achieving maximum efficiency by using self-service automation as a workforce multiplier.


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Shaping Hospitality's Future


As we look ahead in the world of hospitality, the Welcomer Dashboard stands as a shining example of innovation and guest-focused service. By blending technology seamlessly with genuine human interaction, this dashboard represents a significant step forward in how hotels greet and assist their guests. Hotels can enhance their efficiency and create memorable guest experiences by adopting this hybrid solution. The Welcomer Dashboard, where tradition meets technology, is ushering in a fresh and exciting chapter in hospitality.


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