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Meet our experts

Effortless Mobile Check-In & Check-Out for Hotels

Complete your pre-check-in online for a swift and seamless start to your stay. Enjoy a truly frictionless arrival experience with our streamlined self-checkin processess.

Mobile Check-In & Check-Out


Discover the future of hotel stays with our advanced and fully integrated mobile check-in and check-out solutions. Our user-friendly platform allows guests to use their smartphones, tablets, or PCs to check in at their convenience without the hassle of installing apps or creating accounts. Experience the simplicity of streamlined hotel arrivals and departures.

Online Check-In - brief description

Online Check-In

Online Check-In Simplified

Guests will receive a timely notification via text or email a few days before their arrival, inviting them to complete an early check-in process. When their room is ready on arrival, they will be alerted to collect their keys from either a self-service kiosk or the reception desk.

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Online Check-Out

Effortless Online Check-Out

Enjoy the convenience of checking out directly from your own device. Our online check-out process allows guests to review room charges, receive their invoices by email, and settle any outstanding balances. Additionally, you can update your personal information with ease.

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BYOD - seamless check-in - brief description

BYOD: Seamless Check-In On Your Terms

Our BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) service enables guests to effortlessly complete their check-in using their personal devices. Simply scan the QR code displayed in our lobby, and begin your hassle-free check-in experience. Ideal for those who value convenience and speed in their hotel arrival process.

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Online Check-In


Mobile pre-check-in: Simplify Your Arrival

Streamline your hotel check-in process by completing it before you even arrive. Here’s how our convenient mobile pre-check-in works:

Begin Your Stay Before Arrival: A few days prior to your arrival, you'll receive an invitation via email or text message to complete your check-in online. This early check-in option is designed to save you time and enhance your convenience.

Relax and Wait: After you've completed the online pre-check-in, simply relax and wait. We'll send you a notification as soon as your room is ready..

Final Touch – Collect Your Key: Once notified, all you need to do is collect your room key from either the reception desk or a self-service kiosk. This final step takes just seconds, getting you to your room faster and with zero hassle.

  Email and SMS notifications

  Registration card

  Digital signature
  Estimated arrival time

  Product upsell

 Pay now or later
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Advantages of mobile check-in


Queue-free Lobby


Pre-check-in & mobile check-out minimize the time spent "in the lobby" for arriving and departing guests.


Fluid Guest Experience


After completing the pre-check-in, guests only need to pick up their keys from the reception or a self-service kiosk.


Meeting Guest Expectation


With 92% of guests embracing contactless tech, it’s not just an option anymore, but an expectation

Notification bell

Personalized Notifications


Text messages and email notifications can be customized to fit your brand's feel and visual identity.


Digital Guest Journey


Offer your guests the choice to complete a 100% contactless and digital check-in & out experience.

Reception bell

Hybrid Reception


Free your staff from repetitve tasks and unlock time for more personalized interactions with guests.

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Online Check-Out


Freedom to Check-Out From Anywhere

Experience the ultimate convenience with our online check-out options. Guests can effortlessly finalize their departure using a self-service kiosk or directly from their own device. Here's how our streamlined check-out process ensures a smooth and quick departure:

Timely Reminders: On your day of departure, receive a prompt reminder to complete your check-out, whether at a kiosk or on your mobile device.

Invoice Review: Take a moment to review your detailed invoice to ensure all charges are accurate.

Update VAT and Address: Easily update your business address and VAT information to ensure your invoice reflects the correct details.

Confirm Contact Details: Review and confirm the contact details where we should send your final invoice.

Settle Payments: Pay any outstanding charges using the card on file, or opt to add a new payment method if necessary.

Finalize Check-Out: Once everything is settled, complete your check-out and enjoy a hassle-free departure.

   Email and SMS notifications

  Review room charges

  Update business address and contact information
  Pay outstanding charges

  Receive invoice by emails

BYOD: Bring Your Own Device

The convenience of using your own device

Embrace the flexibility and convenience of our BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) service during your hotel stay. This feature allows guests to use their personal mobile devices for a swift check-in process, facilitated by a simple QR code displayed prominently in our lobby..

Streamlined Check-In Options: Upon arrival, you have the flexibility to complete your check-in directly from your own device, at our welcoming front desk, or via a user-friendly self-service kiosk. Choose the option that best suits your needs and start your stay with ease.

Quick Access via QR Code: Easily scan the QR Code we have set up in the lobby to access our online check-in platform. This process is designed to be quick and straightforward, ensuring you can move on to enjoying your stay without delay.

Efficient Key Collection: After completing the check-in, proceed to collect your room keys. Whether from a self-service kiosk or the front desk, this final step takes just a few seconds, letting you access your room almost immediately.

Contactless advantages
  Check-in using your own device

  Real-time room assignment

  Simple key-pickup after completing BYOD check-in
Check-in on your phone with a QR code and your mobile phone

Four efficient ways to complete your mobile check-in

Hybrid Key Pickup Process: Combining Automation with Personal Service

Hybrid Key Pickup Process: Combining Automation with Personal Service

Experience the perfect blend of convenience and personal touch with our hybrid key pickup process. Start your stay by completing all check-in formalities on your mobile—fill out your registration card, sign, select upsells, set your expected time of arrival, and choose your payment options before arriving.

Once your room is ready, a quick visit to the front desk lets you pick up your key and engage with our friendly staff. This approach merges the efficiency of automated self-service with the warm, personal welcome of our reception team, ensuring your arrival is both streamlined and personable.

Direct Room Access with PIN Codes

Direct Room Access with PIN Codes

Enjoy seamless room entry with our direct access option. Guests who complete their online check-in will receive a notification via email or SMS once their room is ready. For hotels equipped with key-code locks, this message will include a PIN code, allowing you to bypass the front desk and kiosk and head straight to your room. This truly mobile and convenient service ensures a smooth, hassle-free arrival.

The Duo 2100 Compact Key Dispenser

The Duo 2100 Compact Key Dispenser

Flexible and Fast: The Duo 2100 check-in kiosks cater to a wide range of guest needs within any hotel operation. These kiosks offer a quick and efficient service, whether guests are finalizing an online pre-check or starting a fresh check-in upon arrival.

Streamlined for Pre-Checked Guests: Guests who have completed their check-in online can swiftly scan their QR code at the kiosk to receive their keycard in less than 20 seconds, facilitating a nearly instantaneous transition to their accommodations.

Full Service for Walk-Ins and More: For those who haven’t pre-checked online, the Duo 2100 allows for a complete check-in experience right at the kiosk. This full-service option ensures that every guest, regardless of their pre-arrival preparation, receives prompt and personalized service.

Customizable to Your Needs: Adapt the Duo 2100 to perfectly align with your operational requirements and guest expectations. Whether implementing a fully contactless system or managing a mix of online and walk-in check-ins, this kiosk is designed to be versatile and responsive to your hotel’s specific needs.

Outdoor kiosks

Duo 1800 Outdoor Kiosk: Robust and Ready

Built to withstand the elements, the Duo 1800 outdoor kiosk is robust and weatherproof, ideal for demanding public environments. It offers 24/7 availability, ensuring easy access to the hotel even after the reception has closed.

Guests who have completed pre-check-in online can finalize their entry by scanning the QR code from their notification, immediately receiving keys or keycards for room access. This kiosk is also versatile, configured to support full check-in, walk-in guests, or check-out processes.

Enhanced with tamper-proof payment terminals and ID scanners, the Duo 1800 increases security, providing a safe and efficient guest experience.


Maximize Efficiency with Online Check-In and Self-Service Kiosks

Enhance your guest experience by combining our flexible online check-in with our versatile self-service kiosks, both indoors and outdoors. Here’s how this seamless integration benefits you:

Instant Key Dispenser: For guests who have completed their pre-check-in, our kiosks serve as quick key dispensers, allowing them to bypass the traditional check-in process and access their rooms immediately.

24/7 Availability: Our reception kiosks are operational around the clock, ensuring that guests can check in and receive assistance at any time, regardless of their arrival hour.

Efficient Crowd Management: During peak times or when hosting large groups, avoid the inconvenience of long lines. Our self-service kiosks provide a fast, efficient solution to manage check-ins smoothly and swiftly.


Premium Certified Partners

Our premium certified partners have a proven track record and integration with the Allegro Suite of kiosk software. You’ll gain access to a complete integration, ready-to-use, with all of the features you need from day one!
Assa Abloy Oracle Protel MisterBooking Infor Mews Dormakaba
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Additional Advantages of the Allegro v7 Cloud Platform

The Allegro v7 Back Office: Streamlining Self-Service Management

The Allegro v7 Back Office is an essential component of our Allegro v7 cloud solutions, meticulously designed to enhance and manage hotel self-service operations. This robust tool features multiple user role levels, each providing tailored functionality to meet diverse management needs effectively.

Within this back office, a suite of tools is available to support the day-to-day management of the Allegro v7 cloud system. Key features include a powerful statistics module for comprehensive data analysis and a real-time dashboard for managing the flow of arriving and departing guests. Additionally, specialized queue management tools allow for efficient handling of reservations and updates, while capabilities to manage messages, screensavers, and view kiosk statuses further empower hotel staff to maintain optimal operational control.

The Welcomer Dashboard: For a more Personal Touch

The Welcomer Dashboard, accessible through our web-based back office, represents a significant advancement in managing guest arrivals with a hybrid approach. This innovative feature serves as a crucial tool for overseeing daily reservations, acting as a complement to our self-service kiosk system.

By streamlining the interface between guests and the kiosk, the Welcomer Dashboard greatly facilitates the self-service process, making it more intuitive and user-friendly. Simultaneously, it empowers hotel staff by providing them with real-time data and tools needed to manage arrivals more efficiently. This comprehensive oversight allows for a smoother operation, ensuring guests enjoy a seamless welcome experience while staff can focus on delivering exceptional service.


Hotel guests arriving and departing can use the mobile service to check in to their room before arrival. They will get a notification once the room is ready. The notification includes a QR code used to pick up a room key from one of our kiosks in as little as 20 seconds. 

Our mobile check-in technology includes completion of registration card, capture of guest signature and approval of terms & conditions, estimated arrival time, secure online payment, and many other exciting features. 

Our solutions also allow guests to check out from the hotel using their own device or a kiosk. They can review their expenses, update their billing address, and make secure online payments.



Hotel mobile check-in services helps improve the guest experience and empower the staff to give the same level of service with 5 big advantages.

  1. Reduced staff costs,
  2. High availability,
  3. A consistent arrival and departure experience,
  4. Improved upselling results,
  5. And improved guest satisfaction.

You can find a list of all the Integrations we support here.

If your PMS is not found in this list, contact us to inquire if support for your specific system is scheduled in our roadmap.

Not at all! Our self-service kiosks and online products can become another source of revenue if properly implemented and managed.

Self-service helps reduce costs, provides additional revenue from upselling, and increases guest satisfaction.

Contact us for a detailed analysis of your hotel's projected cost savings and revenue!

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