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Young entrepreneurs: successes, challenges and advice

Young entrepreneurs: successes, challenges and advice

Discover the secrets of entrepreneurship with Michel Lavandier, the President and Founder of Ariane Systems, a visionary with over 40 years of experience. This article delves into young entrepreneurs' strategies and challenges, enriched by Michel's proven advice. Explore the influence of associations on entrepreneurial success and find inspiration and wisdom within.


Discover What is entrepreneurship


What is entrepreneurship?


Entrepreneurship is like becoming the hero of your own professional adventure. It's the art of turning a simple idea into a concrete reality. Imagine yourself as the intrepid captain of a ship called "Enterprise," sailing the uncertain waves of the marketplace. You take risks and make decisions, and with a healthy dose of creativity, you can discover hidden treasures where others see challenges.

At the heart of the evolution of entrepreneurship, we had the opportunity to interview Michel Lavandier, President of Ariane Systems, the world leader in hotel self-check-in. Here's what we learned.


Michel Lavandier

Ariane Systems Founder & PresidentMichel Lavandier Photo


Michel Lavandier, President of Ariane Systems for over 22 years, is also an administrator, co-president of the comité d'engagement, and active Entreprendre Seine Saint Denis network member.
With almost 40 years of experience dedicated to entrepreneurship, let's explore his atypical career path. In our discussion on "Young Entrepreneurs in France: successes, challenges, and Advice,"




Unveil the Entrepreneurial Keywords for Success!


Entrepreneurship requires courage and resilience. Courage to meet challenges, resilience to overcome setbacks. It's an emotional roller-coaster ride where perseverance and endurance are key.


Entrepreneurs often find themselves setting goals they may never achieve, but that's the beauty of the entrepreneurial adventure.


Anticipating and controlling everything is impossible in this unpredictable field. Having a clear course helps to navigate through the uncertainties. Success requires a blend of boldness, resilience, and determination, embracing the unpredictable nature of entrepreneurship to chart a course to success.


@Réseau Entreprendre Seine Saint Denis


Réseau Entreprendre Seine-Saint-Denis

What is it?


Réseau Entreprendre is a national association, present in most of France's départements, dedicated to stimulating entrepreneurship and job creation. It brings together entrepreneurs and executives from major companies committed to supporting business start-ups or takeovers.

The association rigorously selects mature projects (around 25 out of almost 1,000 annually). It is involved from the earliest stages in bringing them to fruition, as transforming an idea into a structured project requires a thorough methodology. As co-chairman of the commitment committee, I participate in this selection process. After a detailed evaluation, the committee collectively decides to support a project, with around 95% of the projects submitted being retained.

The entrepreneurs selected receive an honorary loan, ranging from thirty to fifty thousand euros, to strengthen their equity capital and facilitate access to bank loans. Above all, they benefit from the support of an experienced mentor for at least two years. This monthly mentoring guides them and stimulates reflection on their entrepreneurial journey, ensuring their business's efficient, well-considered development.


Sandra Saad - Interview with Michel Lavandier



Mirror effect


The mirror effect in entrepreneurship involves asking an entrepreneur questions to help him reflect on his own way of running his business without interfering in his day-to-day management. The idea is for him to step back and see certain aspects he might not otherwise have thought of.

Experience plays a crucial role here. A person with long experience in the field can bring a perspective and reflexes that younger or less experienced entrepreneurs need to have. When an entrepreneur benefits from an outside viewpoint, it can help them identify important points they might need to pay attention to on their own.


The Whys that Reveal the Real Reason


Why Réseau Entreprendre 93

Pourquoi le Réseau Entreprendre 93


I chose to get involved with Réseau Entreprendre 93, located in Seine-Saint-Denis, France's most culturally, ethnically, and religiously diverse department, where so many different origins and nationalities come together. This diversity makes the area very lively and dynamic, one of the most dynamic in France.

I'm impressed by the exceptional success of the companies in this département. The energy emanating from this region is incredible.


Why MONITORING young people?


youth workshopYoung people are indispensable, bringing the energy and daring essential to innovation and progress. Their approach, sometimes naive, leads them to challenge the impossible, an asset for development. 


"Young people, the source of daring and innovation, remind us that the impossible can become a reality."


Their enthusiasm needs to be guided because complex challenges lie behind simple ideas. Their contribution to innovation, creativity, and sensitivity to environmental issues is invaluable. It's crucial to harness this youthful energy because young people's dreams often shape outstanding achievements. Integrating young people is therefore essential for a balanced and innovative company.



The Real Reason Behind It All


The loss of my father at the age of 19 had a profound influence on my life, leaving a void and forcing me to mature at an early age. 


The loss of my father propelled me on a unique journey, where the lack of a guide turned into a source of determination, revealing the true essence of my path.


This lack deprived me of a mentor, leading me down an unconventional path, surrounded by highly educated relatives, despite my short higher education. I firmly believe that success depends on more than just a brilliant academic background, as many self-taught entrepreneurs demonstrate. The ambition to succeed (perhaps motivated by the desire to compensate for a more modest level of education) is accompanied by a duality between prudence and audacity and a personal response to adversity.


How overcome every challenge!


Discover the key success factors that have overcome every challenge!


Our success results from resilience, determination, and the mobilization of teams united by a clear and transparent vision. These elements have enabled us to become a major market player.


“You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.”

Jim Rohn


This underlines the importance of an entourage that shares our ambitions, a key factor in our journey. Our bold and innovative entrepreneurial friends illustrate the impact of a dynamic network. At the same time, accepting divergent points of view enriches our perspectives. Embracing diversity of opinion is the key to holistic personal and professional growth.


How can we advise young entrepreneurs on their entrepreneurial journey?

Valérie Lavandier & Michel Lavandier -  Réseau Entreprendre 93

To guide young entrepreneurs in their adventure while preserving a balance between personal and professional life, it is essential to:

  1. Balance professional and personal life: Ensure you don't let your business dominate your life.
  2. Prioritize health: Maintain your physical and mental well-being.
  3. Dare to act: Take calculated risks and learn from your mistakes.
  4. Avoid extremism: Be bold but prudent in your decisions.

In short, aim for balance, look after your health, and be courageous and prudent in your actions.


Association pour le progrès du Management


What is APM or "Association pour le progrès du Management"?


The APM (Association Pour le Progrès du Management), of which I've been a member for 20 years, is an association of entrepreneurs and business leaders focused on training and personal development. It's a school of questioning for business leaders, which, through regular club meetings, enables them to compare ideas and open up to new insights.



The APM's objective is to improve the company by enhancing the manager through peer-to-peer co-opted learning. In a climate of total and liberating trust, APM encourages its members to step out of their comfort zones to shake up their habits and preconceived ideas in order to renew their thinking and bring about change in the life of their company.



Members meet monthly in groups of 20 to 25, with each meeting led by leading experts. The topics are often unexpected and out of step with everyday life. A manager who has stepped out of the box can see things from a different angle. APM has changed me profoundly and positively, both personally and professionally.


APM Paris




Key figures for entrepreneurship in Franceentrepreneurship in france - chiffres


The French have a growing interest in entrepreneurship and self-employment, as evidenced by the involvement of a third of the population in the entrepreneurial dynamic. More and more French people are taking the plunge and seeing self-employment as the ideal career choice. 

The French entrepreneurial scene is ablaze with the vibrant energy of young visionaries, ready to challenge established norms and open up new paths to success.



What do you see as the major advantages of entrepreneurship in France today?


entrepreneurship in france



The entrepreneurial environment in France is exceptional, with supports such as the Entreprendre network and the BPI. Entrepreneurs benefit from incubators, coworking spaces, and access to angel investors. The Entreprendre network helps to obtain honor loans, boosting bank confidence. Local banks and the BPI work together to promote business start-ups, complemented by grants and subsidies from local authorities and the government, particularly for exports. This dynamic and solid infrastructure makes France an ideal place for entrepreneurship, combining commitment and opportunity in a propitious setting.






At Ariane Systems, we foster an entrepreneurial spirit, encouraging those in business to share their experiences with young minds, and nurturing the growth of future successful entrepreneurs.

Stay tuned for our upcoming blog posts, where we'll explore the genuine story behind Ariane Systems' inception, offering valuable insights into our journey and values.


Stay tuned



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