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Make your hotel self-check-in project a success!

Make your hotel self-check-in project a success!

The hotel industry has always fascinated me! For nearly a decade, I've been fortunate to engage with clients from diverse backgrounds, all facing similar challenges: increasing their occupancy rates, safeguarding direct sales versus online travel agencies (OTAs), preserving their profit margins, recruiting staff, enhancing guest satisfaction, and meeting the growing demand for digitalization.


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The Sales Director for France at Ariane Systems holds a master's degree in marketing and sales. With a diverse professional background encompassing roles in travel agencies, tour operators, and hotel reservation centers, he commenced his journey with Ariane in 2014.

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How Can Hotels Successfully Embrace Digital Check-Ins?


Throughout these years,  there was a significant demand for digital solutions. Not too long ago, hoteliers hesitated to automate guest check-ins and check-outs, often stating, "Personalized service is essential!" However, in reality, the guest experience wasn't very personalized, with long queues in the lobby and receptionists interacting with guests in a somewhat robotic manner, fixated on their computers for check-in.

The hospitality landscape has undergone significant changes, with the influence of COVID being a notable factor. Guests have become more connected and are now accustomed to self-check-in processes. Introducing a self-check-in system for hotels is a complex endeavor, but turning it into a success represents a true team challenge. So, the question is, how can you make it a reality?

First, let's uncover essential insights, challenge common misconceptions, and shift our perspective on achieving self-check-in success.




Unmasking Self-Check-In Misconceptions for Hotel Success


Here are some insights, addressing common misconceptions:

"We will limit self-check-in to specific times of the day."

Frequently, I hear hoteliers showing interest in our solutions only during peak hours. However, this approach may not be effective. Staff might not become fully engaged or comfortable with these solutions in their daily routines, potentially leading to gradual neglect. Self-check-in goes beyond being just a tool; it's a mindset. It is also often a service your guests often appreciates and expects to be present at all times.


"There has been limited usage; my staff informs me that guests prefer to go to the front desk instead of using the kiosks."

For a self-check-in project to succeed, it's essential to secure the support and commitment of your teams to make the introduction of self-service a success. You should provide reassurance about the purpose of this service and clarify that these solutions are not intended to replace their roles, making their jobs more flexible and interesting. Aligning your teams with these goals is of utmost importance.


"We will use these digital solutions only for direct bookings."

Hotel digitalizing projects

Limiting these solutions to direct bookings seems overly restrictive unless you're an international hotel group. To ensure the success of your project, consider making all types of reservations eligible.


"Place the kiosks at the back left of the lobby..."

The positioning of the check-in and check-out kiosks holds great significance. They should be prominently placed at the entrance, seamlessly integrated into the guest's journey.

Location is a key success factor to consider.

"Guests will understand on their own that these are check-in kiosks."

Merely having a kiosk with a "self-check-in" screen design is not enough. Clear and easily understandable signage is indispensable to direct your guests effectively. It's crucial to provide clear and visible signage for all your guests.

"Rooms 12 and 13 are connecting in our hotel, but it doesn't show in the Property Management System (PMS); our staff knows how to manage it at the front desk."

Embrace technology within your organization. While this may entail making some compromises, it will ultimately earn the gratitude of both your guests and your staff.


Streamline the guest journey for a more seamless experience!

"We haven't had time to discuss with our operational teams since the solution's launch, but we're disappointed with the results."

Following the launch, assessing the outcomes and, perhaps even more importantly, gathering feedback from your staff is crucial. Every hotel has its distinct characteristics, and continuous monitoring is essential for achieving success. Invest time in actively involving your personnel, set goals, assess and adapt as you gain experience.

"Yes, we have 150 rooms, but one kiosk should be enough."

If one of your goals is to eliminate queues at the front desk, be mindful not to replicate a similar situation in front of the kiosk. While the kiosk check-in process is significantly faster than at the front desk, it typically takes about 15 25 seconds for a key-pickup if pre-check-in has been done in advance. However, it could extend to considerable if guests need to go through an overly complex police registration form or other administrative complications during check-in. It's crucial to select the appropriate number of kiosks based on the peak hours of arrivals and the maximum number of guests you want to be able to serve at the same time.



Hybrid hotel reception 🏨


In the present day, we're witnessing the success of various projects featuring diverse hybrid receptions:

  1. A combination of a traditional front desk and a self-check-in zone in the lobby.

  2. The removal of the front desk in favor of a self-check-in zone, with Welcomers stationed in the lobby to assist guests, using tablets as needed.

  3. A front desk catering to daytime arrivals, supplemented by an outdoor or vestibule kiosk for late arrivals, particularly common in budget hotels.

It's apparent that automating check-ins and check-outs doesn't diminish the advantages of customer service; rather, it enhances the experience, making it more "personal," "efficient," and "connected."

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