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Custom banner Feature

Custom banner Feature

Did you know?

How to use the Notifications Banner to customize your Guest Experience?

It is well known that a well-made, personal and relevant check-in experience will increase guest satisfaction and returning guests.

Making our products easy to use and with a relevant set of features is equally important to us. One of our more recent features in Allegro Cloud is the Notification Banner. This was added to help our customers communicate custom offers and information to arriving guests, and thus deliver a more unique and memorable guest experience.

The Notification Banner is already in use and appreciated by many of our customers. Typically used to convey important arrival information, advertise for table reservations or to help drive download of mobile applications or join a loyalty program.

Part of the success of Allegro Cloud, are the strong customization possibilities. Despite being a standard product, we deployed various features that allow the hotel to create a self-check-in experience reflecting the image and operational needs of a hotel - and its guests.

Notification Banner

Why the Hotel should customize the Guest Experience?

Personalization and customization in hotels mainly refer to customizing goods, and services.
Along with technical approaches with the goal of enhancing client satisfaction and quickly meeting their needs in hotels. Any business must incorporate customization. Guests value it when hotels provide them with well-selected experiences; they look for and even hope that hotels provide them with outstanding visitor experiences. 

Let’s discuss - How we can help you to customize your guest experience?

During the check-in journey of the guest, the hoteliers can send multiple notifications through our system, these notifications are sent via email or SMS. As the hotel’s needs evolve over time, we wanted to be sure that guests could benefit from all services that are available in the hotel, using our self-check-in solution. The Notification Banner is one of many such “customization” features helping make the guest experience even greater and more personal. 

How does it work?

Come up with an idea Create a notification banner Publish the notification banner
1 – Come up with a great idea

2 – Create a banner

3 – Publish!
Et voila – you are live!


There are numerous settings to fully adapt the Notification Banner to the hotelier's specific needs. You can change colors, title, add an image and text. It is also possible to add a CTA (call to action) sending the guest to the appropriate website or service. 

All of these settings are configurable in the back-office portal, and this module is available to hoteliers. The hotel staff can have access to it and modify the banner without the need to contact support. 

Overall, customization can be an effective way for hotels to differentiate themselves in a competitive hospitality industry and deliver a memorable and satisfying experience for their guests!

Our cloud-based Allegro Cloud software ensures that all customers using this product are always on the latest version. New and modified functionality will need to be configured and activated by our team of deployment specialists. Contact us at info@ariane.com to learn if your hotel can be migrated to v7, or if you are interested in customizing your Hotel Guest Experience.

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