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You can optimize your hotel's efficiency by contextualizing your home screen to meet reception needs and guest expectations.

The contextual home screen allows hotel kiosks to automatically enable or disable home screen "flows" according to the time of day and also provides contextual guidance. These features help improve the guest experience, reduce the need for staff to explain how the service works, and are 100% automatic with no need for manual activation by hotel staff after initial configuration.

A contextual home screen for hotel kiosks offers several practical benefits that can optimize hotel operations and enhance the guest experience:

1. Increased EfficiencyHotel kiosk

With a contextual home screen, hotel kiosks can intelligently enable or disable buttons based on the time of day. This capability improves the kiosk's efficiency by preventing guests from accessing certain features that may not be available or needed at that particular time, increasing operational efficiency.

2. Improved Guest Experience

The contextual home screen ensures guests can easily navigate the kiosk and find the information they need. Guests can quickly understand when specific services will be available by providing clear guidance through adapted text on flow-buttons. This reduces the need for staff assistance and creates a more seamless and satisfying guest experience.

3. Customization

Hotels can customize the kiosk according to their unique requirements using the scheduler feature. This allows them to enable or disable buttons based on their operational needs and schedule, tailoring the kiosk's services to meet their guests' expectations.

4. Increased Security

Implementing a contextual home screen simplifies guest interactions, streamlines hotel operations, and enhances security measures. The automatic nature of this feature eliminates the need for manual activation by hotel staff after the initial configuration, saving valuable time and resources.

If you're interested in exploring the implementation of a contextual home screen for your hotel, we can provide further guidance and support to help you optimize your operations and create a better guest experience.

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