Meet our experts
Meet our experts

Verifone payment system integration with Ariane

Ariane select partner


Creating a consistent consumer experience that exceeds expectations is tough when everything hinges on three things: food, ambiance, and experience.
From greeting your guests to meeting their every need, it all ends with making it easy to pay—that's where Verifone fit in!

With Verifone, you select the solution that best fits your needs while giving your customers the ability to pay where and how they want to pay.

  • E-Commerce Payments: from simple payment links to integrated APIs, easily accept payments from your online shoppers feeling confident that payments are PCI-compliant throughout the checkout experience.
  • In-store Payments: whether you're looking to take card payments at the till on the shopp floor or on-the-go, discover a wide range of payment solutions to fit your business.

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