Meet our experts
Meet our experts

Bs Payone payment system integration with Ariane

Ariane standard partner


B&S Card Service – Personal. Competently. Strong. Present. B&S Cardservice has been offering you payment solutions from a single source for over 25 years.

Become the ecosystem orchestrator with PPaaS’ open API-based one-stop-shop platform orchestrating payments, commerce and data services from multiple service providers. Anytime, anywhere, on any device.

  • Set the foundation :
    Give your customers an integrated digital experience, enabling them to manage quickly and easily their payment operations and adapt to the changing payment environment.

  • Play the ecosystem :
    Access a curated, cloud-based catalogue of commerce services that work seamlessly with your merchants’ selected payment options.

  • Leverage data :
    Enjoy a unified and consolidated view of aggregated transactional data across all channels and leverage that data to drive your, and your merchants’ business.

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