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What's New in Allegro Cloud v7.7.0

What's New in Allegro Cloud v7.7.0

Our cloud-based self-service software is continuously updated and improved. We have now reached version 7.7.0 and many of our customers using Allegro v5/6 can easily be migrated to our next-generation platform. The cloud-based software ensures that all customers using Allegro Cloud always run the latest version, but new/added functionality will need to be configured and activated by our team of deployment specialists. Contact us at info@ariane.com to learn if your hotel can be migrated to v7, or if any of the added functionality below is of interest to your hotel.

This overview presents the added and updated functionality of Allegro Cloud v7.7.0. Minor bug fixes and customized solutions are not listed. This version was deployed to all of our clients in November 2021.

Update billing address at check-in

This new feature allows arriving guests to add their billing address during check-in. Essential when reservations are paid in full at arrival and remove the requirement to check-out on the last day of stay.

update billing address
Dynamic messaging

Send personalized messages to arriving guests based on the specific room (or room type) allocated. Useful examples include; wayfinding instructions (how to get to your room), where to check-in, welcome messages, and much more.

find reservation

Find reservation using QR code

This useful function makes it possible for the hotels to send a QR code to arriving guests even if they haven't completed an online pre-check-in. The QR code is scanned on the kiosk to quickly (and accurately) find the reservation and complete the check-in. The QR code must follow an approved format, and the reservation must be in the status "due in".

find reservation using qr code

add Missing country code when sending text message invites

One efficient way to increase the number of guests completing their online pre-check-in is to send invites using email and SMS (to maximize deliverability). Unfortunately, a lot of guest profiles lack the country code needed for sending text messages.

This new feature identifies phone numbers with missing country codes, amends the "local" country code (our experience is that a majority of these cases are from the same country as the hotel), and sends SMS. One of our major clients enabled this feature and increased the number of online check-ins by an impressive 15%

Scan ID of all arriving guests

Some countries require all arriving guests to scan their ID/passport and also to match the name on ID with the name on the reservation/registration card. Our new scanning module makes the scanning process easy to understand, and it includes a flexible setup making it easy to customize the functionality according to specific requirements.

scan id

Large keyboard and support for azerty

New keyboard layout with large keys optimized for kiosks with smaller screens, and support for AZERTY-keyboard in addition to the default QWERTY.

keyboard layout examples

New screensavers

Screensavers are a very efficient method to bring attention to your kiosks. This release brings support for screensavers with static images, image carousel, and video.



Other kiosk updates
  • Faster send of guest welcome information when check-in is completed using SMS or email
  • Automatic update of kiosk settings with no need to restart scenario or PC.
  • Added support for Opera UDF fields in the registration card
  • Added two "free text sections" in the welcome document typically used to communicate information about breakfast, check-out time, parking, and such.
Product upsell - number of packages (kiosk and online)

It is now possible to select the number of packages to add to the reservation in the product upsell scene. Previous versions automatically added the same number of packages as people on the reservation when used for breakfast, and did not allow the guest to choose freely. Typically used for breakfast, towels, parking, and any other items where a custom quantity is needed.

select number of packages

Conditional access to special rooms

Grant access to special rooms based on reservation packages or rate plans. Typically used for parking garage entrance, unattended breakfast rooms, club rooms.

Capture marketing consent and update guest profile in PMS (kiosk and online)
marketing consent
  • Pickup code visible in the dashboard
  • Send test mail module
  • Define document type sent to PMS
  • Enhanced usage data
Integrations migrated to Allegro Cloud

The following integrations have been migrated from our Allegro v5 kiosk, and are now available on Allegro Cloud (v7)

  • Messerschmitt Magstripe
  • Häfele RFID


Allegro Cloud v7 is now fully integrated with Protel.I/O for kiosk and online check-in.

Guestline PMS

Guestline PMS logo

Guestline has been in high demand by potential customers for a long time. We listened and are happy to announce that Allegro Cloud v7 is now fully integrated and certified with Guestline PMS. The pilot installation will go live in early 2022, and the integration will be available to all potential clients once this deployment is approved.

Reservation API

A new API for external applications/systems to fetch all data stored by Ariane for reservations. This includes eligibility, pickup-code, room assignments, and much more. Typical use-cases include mobile applications and guest communication systems.

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