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What's new in Allegro v7.14

What's new in Allegro v7.14

We are proud to announce the release of Allegro Cloud v7.14.0 This is our third major release in 2023 and includes several changes to make our product easier to deploy, manage and use. Take a look at some of the exciting new functionality included in the release. 

General product improvements



> Multiple reservations - Secondary search criteria 

If multiple reservation are found under the same name, the secondary search criterian will help to find the right reservation: ask the guest to enter the email address used when making the reservation and retrieve the correct reservation. 

Email as the secondary search criteria is a configurable option (via our configurable settings) when the confirmation number is the default. 

> Apple Pass Improvement

- Addition of a logo text field on the apple pass. 

- Fixed an issue where the key lock were not included.

> Improvements of Package Upsell 

Various improvements have been made to our upsell packages module, including the following: 

- We now display the included prodcts in the welcome document and the upsell scene.

- Specify rate codes including product.

- Limitation of the package upsell quantity: in the setup, you can allow a maximum number of packages and the guest will not be able to add more than allowed.

- Addition of the display condition setup: this is a new section when creating a ne upsell package, the user can now define conditions if the upsells are shown or not to the guest. 

> Native Names (Opera Specific)

The "native name" Opera function has been added to be included when we search for reservations. 

The regular Opera name field does not contain any special characters (like ü, ä, å) and guest with such characters in their name are unable to find their reservations when searching. Some hotels use the Opera native/alternative name field.
This field is an addition to the regular name field, and does support special characters. 

> Additional print (ticket)

For customers equipped with printer, we added the possibility to create and print an additional ticket. The ticket can be used for parking, restricted area access... etc. 

> Welcomer Dashboard 

The Welcomer Dashboard has been updated with new features: 

- Display staff QR code 

- "ID Verify" pop-up 

When clicking on the ID verification button on a specific reservation, a modal will be opened displaying 4 non-mandatory fields: nationality, country of residence, document type and the document number. 

Already existing information (from guest profile/reservation) will be displayed if present. Changes done by staff will be updated in the PMS. 

- The name of the user (member of staff) who verified the ID using the welcome dashboard will now be added to the backoffice dashboard (reservation view), and to the registration card PDF (if enabled). 


To facilitate the deployment of our product and constantly improve it, and make it more intuitive to use for our customers, here are some of the "behind the scenes" features we are deploying in Allegro 7.13.0:

> Screensaver gallery improvement

On the last update (V.7.13), we updated our screensaver selection module in the back office to offer a larger selection of content. We extended the module on this version with more pre-defined content available for our customers, and the ability to upload video screensavers. 

> Skin designer improvements

The skin designer module has been improved with various new features and reorganized for better usability. 

> Arrival document improvements 

The arrival document setup module in the back office has been improved, it is now possible to upload images and support formatted text in the free text sections. 

The images are stored into Ariane's database. 

Release Note

want to know more?

Schedule a meeting with one of our self-service experts to learn more about Allegro Cloud and how our self-service kiosk and mobile solutions can help make your hotel more efficient.

Existing customers are also encouraged to contact us to get a brief introduction to features of specific interest, or to request activation.


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