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What's New in Allegro Cloud v7.12

What's New in Allegro Cloud v7.12

We are proud to announce the release of Allegro Cloud v7.12.0. This is first major release in 2023 and includes several changes to make our product easier to deploy, manage and use. Take a look at some of the exciting new functionality included in the release! 

General product improvements


The Broadcast message feature allows an Ariane user to write, schedule and display a message via the back-office portal. Those alerts are sent per-subscription (EU/US) and every user on the subscription will receive the Broadcast when they access the backoffice. 

The feature allows 3 different types of alert, sorted by different colors:

  • Red messages are "Alerts", used to display important message or report severe issues and bugs.
  • Yellow messages are "Updates", used to inform about a service update, planned downtime, and other non-critical information. 
  • Green messages are "Info", used to display more informative messages (release notes, tooltips, minor changes in functionality). 


The Welcomer Dashboard has received a lot of improvements in this release to make it easier to use. 

  • Canceled reservations removed from the dashboard
  • Amount due removed when hotel uses OPI for payment
Welcomer dashboard

Hotel name displayed 

B. New filter menu + display of active filter in use

C. User menu with the name of the user, user email and logout button

D. "Room ready" info - status of room allocation, if room is in queue

E. Reservation status is improved (if guest is due in or inhouse)

F. "Room ready" info - email with QR code sent to guest Welcomer dashboard

Timestamp for when reservation was last updated from PMS

B. Guest ETA - what time the guest estimates to arrive 




In addition to Google Chrome, we developed and added the ability to use Microsoft Edge on our kiosk. Select your active browser in the web kiosk setup.  



For the Online check in invitations, we shorten both links contained in Emails and SMS, the link decreased from 15 to 9 characters. 

Release Notes

To facilitate the deployment of our product, constantly improve it, and make it more intuitive to use for our customers, here are some of the "behind the scenes" features we are deploying in Allegro 7.12:


Back office Ariane Allegro V7

Move the functionality currently accessed by clicking user email in upper right corne to a tab-menu.

This allows to add new functionality to the logged in user tab in the future, and enhance the overall look and feel.


This features create a new tab, directly under the one for "logged in user". You will find the following default links (open in new browser tab). 


This feature is an update of the notification reminder setup in the backoffice - from relative time to specific time and date. We will display the currently configured times for kiosk and online as "information" to the installer.

Setup includes a specific rule per day of the week, and a specific time of day (24-hour clock on local time).


The statistic module has been through an extensive set of changes, additions and improvements. The status of the Statistic module is a BETA until further notice. 

It's possible to still find inaccurate data, and minor bugs. 


    Ariane Back office- Cancelled reservations - the default data in the dashboard no longer includes reservations that were cancelled.

    Prior to the change - the statistics was a mix of cancelled/not cancelled before the change. 

    Use the filter to see all reservations, cancelled or only "active reservations"

    - Keys created for "walk-in" reservations was displayed in the KPI "Key Pickup/Collection". Walk-in data is now in a new and separate section of the backoffice. 

    Key pickup Ariane Kiosk

    Unused functionality will be hidden/collapsed based on chat flows active in the setup. This feature is typically related to online, kiosk and walk-in flows. 

    Notification is a completely new section in the statistics portal. The intent is to display enough data to analyse the performance of the invites sent out.  

Ariane back office allegro V7
First, find (A) the type of notification, (B) the email notifications. Second, (C) the number of messages sent, and (D) the number of guests who clicked the link for check-in/out in this specific message.

Find (E) the success rate based on the numbers of clicks/number of message sent, and also (F) the success rate for check-in invite & check-in reminder combined.
At the below left, you will see the (F) SMS notifications.


    New data points are added in the kiosk section, such as kiosk completed (1) with a number of started and completed check-ins and keycard encoding (2) with the number and type of keycards created.
    This new feature includes the room not ready (3) section and sees the number of reservations where the room was not ready or queued reservations where guests picked up the key at the kiosk once the room was ready, and the total of those data (4). The total includes all the number of reservations checked in at the kiosk and those eligible for kiosk check-in, with a success rate. 

Kiosk additional data


  • WALK-IN 

    Walk-in is a completely new section in the statistics portal: Reservation section (1) concerned reservations created at kiosk and how many check-in were completely done, followed by the Room night sold section (2) focused on the number of room nights and walk-in reservations.
    Added to those statistics, you will find the Guests section (3) about adults/children included in the walk-in reservation, and the Revenue (4) with the total revenue created from walk-in reservations in hotel currency. 

Walk-in Ariane
UDF Field update 

In the UDF field setup, we now have the possibility to define the following field format: Date/Numeric/Text/Email/Checkbox/List

Based on the declared type Allegro Cloud will validate the input value and highlight the field in error if it's incorrect.
We added a new dictionary code for all input filed (excluding date/calendar), allowing additional descriptive text. This description is displayed between field label and input section (if empty/undefined, nothing will not be displayed)

UDF Field Update


If a guest has more than one last name (separated by space or -): the system will name match each name independently with all of the names on the reservation, and if at least one name matches with the name on the reservation: it will consider it as a success


The dashboard in the back office has been updated. You can now find in the reservation details, the last time the PMS was updated and the Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) of the guest if he chooses to select one during his online check-in. 

Dashboard updates

Addition of payment method as a new eligibility criteria available in the back office for kiosk check-in and kiosk check-out. The setting has existed for some time as a "configurable setting", but was not available in the eligibility settings module. 

Addition of an override for the Notifications skin (color and logo). Previously inherited from the kiosk skin. 


Add support for GetKeylockCode function in OWS integration. 

Release Note

want to know more?

Schedule a meeting with one of our self-service experts to learn more about Allegro Cloud and how our self-service kiosk and mobile solutions can help make your hotel more efficient.

Existing customers are also encouraged to contact us to get a brief introduction to features of specific interest, or to request activation.

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