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Receptionists and Kiosk  - Rethinking Traditional Roles

Receptionists and Kiosk - Rethinking Traditional Roles

Implementing kiosks in hotels or hostels is a subject that often provokes debate among hoteliers. Some say using kiosks to welcome guests cannot replace human warmth and direct reception. However, is the traditional greeting still the most suitable for customers' needs, and what hotel guests really want?

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Having worked in all various front desk positions, ranging from receptionist to front-desk manager, the process of Welcoming Guests has evolved enormously since I started. Modern reception technologies, such as kiosks, can make check-in and check-out easier for guests, freeing staff time for more critical tasks. Kiosks can also provide additional information to customers, such as service offerings and benefits.


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three kiosk benefits for a hotel guest 


  1. Simplicity 

    In effect, kiosks offer a simplified and faster user experience, allowing hoteliers to optimize their guest experience. With the use of kiosks, guests can easily check in and get the necessary information at their own pace without waiting in a queue. 

  2. Interactivity

    In addition, kiosks and mobile check-in offer guests a more interactive and fun hospitality experience. The use of kiosk technology allows guests to easily navigate and discover the hotel's service offerings and nearby local activities. The kiosk terminals can also provide information about upcoming events in the area, museums, parks, and other local attractions. 

  3. Unforgettable experience 

    While some hoteliers may be reluctant to use kiosks, the technology can offer a competitive advantage. Guests expect a personalized, fast-paced hospitality experience, and kiosks can provide a convenient solution to meet those needs - for each guest and every check-in!


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🏨 It is all about the right balance!


That said, kiosks are only a partial replacement for staff. Hoteliers need to balance automated and human services to provide a superior experience for their guests. Hotels can use kiosks to handle administrative tasks and free up time for staff members to focus on more critical tasks, such as offering personalized advice to guests. 
Ultimately, the goal is to improve the guest experience. Kiosks are not a replacement for human warmth but a tool that allows hoteliers to focus on what matters most: providing superior service to guests. Hotels can use kiosks to provide a faster and more convenient check-in and check-out process and additional information about service offerings and amenities.

Who does not wish to be Welcomed at a hotel with the right balance between technology and a personal touch in the 21st century?
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