Meet our experts
Meet our experts

VDA access control integration with Ariane

Ariane standard partner

The VDA Group is a leading international company providing technological solutions for room automation, specifically developed to manage systems in an integrated, automated manner, capable of maximizing energy savings, comfort, and safety.
  • Micromaster: is the distributed intelligence and integrated Room Management System developed by VDA for the Hospitality sector, designed to manage access, climate, and lighting control.
    Micromaster’s key strengths are in energy saving, easy and efficient system control, and absolute guest comfort, both in the bedrooms and communal areas.
  • Etheos: is the new cloud-based platform, designed by VDA, created to improve room control in a hotel environment (a Room Management System).
The new system provides a wide range of functionality, allowing the management of the hotel in an integrated way, ensuring both energy and resultant cost savings.

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