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Meet our experts

Chloë PMS integration with Ariane

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Chloe is a simple and complete hotel management software solution.

It meets the challenge of combining the daily management (booking, invoicing, payment) administration (booking confirmation).

  • For hotelers : Chloë is the Hotel, Accommodation and Services management software you need. A set of parameters that will be set for you and with you, will allow Chloë to adapt to your organization and your management style.

  • For restorers : Chloë uses a central relational database and offers you the freedom to work, in touch mode or not, on PC, POS or tablets and to manage as many printers as necessary.

  • For bars & others : The Bar module can be used with the greatest benefit for the management of any other "point of sale" activity whatever the products sold and allows, if desired, the use of barcode readers.

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