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From small to large hotels, 1 to 5 stars, business, and leisure, boutique and hostels - Ariane's solutions can help make check-in Safe, Simple, and Efficient for every type of hotel. All of our solutions can easily be adapted to fit the specific needs and reflect your hotel's design.

Ariane Systems, the leader in self-service solutions for hoteliers

For the last 20 years - Ariane's mission has been to help hoteliers simplify guest arrivals, improve guest satisfaction, and increase profitability by offering advanced and fully automated self-service solutions.


Outdoor solutions

Outdoor kiosk solutions are built to endure the most challenging environments.
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Indoor solutions

Make our self-service solutions an integrated part of your hotel reception.
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Mobile solutions

Check-in and out on the web is a fast and convenient solution to check in and out in a few simple steps. Combine with one of our kiosks and deliver a room key within 20 seconds!
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How to Maximize your hotel occupancy and minimize labor costs via automation!

Ariane Systems offers a contactless check-in and out.
Guests can skip the front desk entirely using their own device to check in and pick up their key, reducing non-essential face-to-face interaction between staff and guests.
Contactless advantages

Mobile check-in and check-out solution

In today’s world guests expect a convenient and fast check-in & out experience.
Giving them the ability to check-in from their home or office while using their phone, tablet or PC all in less than a few minutes will create a sense of control and empowerment. Imagine if you could receive your room number prior to arrival and be given the promise of receiving your room key in seconds without any wait or hassle.

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Mobile check-in and check-out

Indoor kiosk solution

Mobile check-in is not always the answer. Whether guests were unable to complete their online process, or simply could not access the service, indoor kiosk check-in will always serve as a great supplement. Always available, guests can check in & out, scan their ID, upgrade their stay, use their card for payment and get their room key in a couple of minutes.
Ariane offers multiple kiosk models to fit your hotel’s needs.

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Indoor kiosk

Outdoor kiosk solution

Some hotels are not open 24/7. Some might need a remote check-in location.
Our unique outdoor kiosks will allow your guests to check in & out in a few clicks.
Weather-resistant and vandal-proof, our kiosks were created to offer the highest level of reliability and availability.

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Outdoor kiosk

What customers are saying about us

We initially installed our automated kiosk to help cope with staffing issues. We never imagined that this system would become such a huge contribution to our success during Covid. We are thrilled to have a state-of-the-art system that helps prevent long line-ups, allow zero-contact reservation and check-in, all while helping reduce labor cost.
Ariane solved our main issues: - Flexibility in the experience. Via the web check-in + kiosk at the hotel, the guest has an efficient experience. - Customer-oriented: automation of the check-in process gives opportunity to the staff to give a better concierge service. - Covid-19 friendly - frictionless experience.
Marketing Director
Hotel in Montreal, Canada
No waiting at the reception desk. No language barriers. Savings in personnel costs 7/24 check-in possibility. A good solution in Corona times.
88 rooms hotel in Germany
Significant reduction in payroll costs for the hotel as a 24-hour front desk is no longer required. The majority of guests prefer no contact self-check-in, now especially important due to the Covid pandemic. Guests also like not worrying about arriving late at the hotel - they can arrive any time (the previous hotel owners used to charge guests £25 for post-midnight arrivals!!!!).

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