Our vision of self-check-in

No company on the market knows more about self-check-in & out than we do. For almost 20 years we have built a unique experience on how to implement a successful self-service strategy. Here is a hint: it is a combination of why, where and how. Technology needs to serve your guests so they can check-in & out when they want, where they want and how they want.

Brand Strategy

Brand Strategy

Different brands have different strategies. Whether you wish to focus on mobile check-in, kiosk check-out or both, our latest Allegro 7 platform can help your brand implement the right technology for your guests.

Fast and intuitive

Fast and intuitive

Allegro 7 uses the latest web technologies to ensure a simple, fluid, enriched self check-in & out experience. In a few clicks guests can complete their check-in & out in an intuitive and easy to use product.

Cloud Enabled

Cloud Enabled

Allegro 7 is fully cloud-based and is built using the advanced tools provided by the Microsoft Azure Cloud. This enables us to deliver a set of powerful back-end tools, high availability and real-time monitoring. Discover the power of Allegro 7!


Mobile check-in and out

In today’s world guests expect a convenient and fast check-in & out experience. Giving them the ability to check-in from their home or office while using their phone, tablet or PC all in less than a few minutes will create a sense of control and empowerment. Imagine if you could receive your room number prior to arrival and be given the promise of receiving your room key in seconds without any wait or hassle.

Indoor kiosk solution

Mobile check-in is not always the answer. Whether guestswere unable to complete their online process, or simply could not access the service, indoor kiosk check-in will always serve as a great supplement. Always available, guests can check-in & out, scan their ID, upgrade their stay, use their card for payment and get their room key in couple of minutes.

Ariane offers multiple kiosk models to fit your hotel’s needs.


Outdoor kiosk solution

Some hotels are not open 24/7. Some might have the need for a remote check-in location.
Our unique outdoor kiosks will allow your guests to check-in & out in a few clicks.

Weather resistant and vandal proof, our kiosks were created to offer the highest level of reliability and availability.

What happens in the neighborhood?

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