Regaining trust

Guest confidence is going to be vital, attitudes have shifted and both guest and staff welfare needs to be prioritised

Low occupancy

The prospect of low occupancy rates creates a paradigm in terms of business viability for all hotels

Adapting operations

Which all leads to a need to adapt and make the best of the changes that are being forced on us

Check-In and Out using your own Device

Own device check-in – give guests a choice in how they interact and engage with your hotel


Guest confidence


A new option from Ariane that provides another choice for guests to achieve a near contact free check-in experience using their own device

Scale and Resource


Digital transformation can help lower operating costs while providing a framework for speed, efficiency and organizational change

Operational Impact


Adapt your staff procedures to take full advantage of new digital check-in processes keeping both staff and guests safe

A unique bundle of automated self-service solutions

Increasing operational efficiency as well as guest and staff safety

Mobile Check-in

Fast and simple pre-check-in service the guest carries out BEFORE arriving at the hotel.

Fully automated room allocation and check-in combined with manual key collection on arrival.


Lobby Check-in


Introducing our unique service allowing arriving guests to check-in using their device not only before arrival but also when in the hotel.

Lobby check-in literally moves the traditional check-in kiosk to the guest's smartphone or tablet.

Room assignment and check-is processed in near real-time and allows guests to pick up their room key with “zero-touch” – safe, simple, and efficient!

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Future Proof Investment


Online and Web


Mobile check-in and room assignment is included in this offer

Upgrade with mobile check-out to take full advantage of the solution, and maximize staff and guest safety


Indoor kiosks

Our indoor kiosks are fully customizable with the options needed to support your hotel operations

Indoor Duo 6000-series kiosks can be integrated into your lobby with custom carpentry, or you can opt for the compact Duo 2100-series for simple desktop installation


Outdoor kiosks

Built to be outdoors 365 days of the year—heat or cold, rain or shine!

Our outdoor kiosks are fully customizable with the options needed to support your hotel operations

Can be configured for automatic encoding of magnetic or RFID keycards, or add compartments to hold traditional keys


Contactless payment

Indoor kiosks can be equipped with table-top chip and pin credit card terminals

Outdoor kiosks can be equipped with tamper proof credit card terminals approved for unattended kiosks

All of our credit card terminals support chip and contactless payment

Getting started is simpler than you might think.

PMS systems included in this campaign

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Supported keycard systems included in the campaign


And many other leading keycard systems 

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Supported payment system included in the campaign

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