Allegro Online Classic

Hotel guests check-in or out using their own PC, tablet or smartphone with this web-based solution.

No Installation Required

No Installation Required

All of our online solutions are fully web-based and compatible with more than 99% of all web browsers.

No need for guests to install yet another app. Increase usage and drive conversions with the web-based solution.

Arrival Time

Arrival Time

Plan ahead to provide the best guest experience, no matter when they arrive. Guests self-select their estimated arrival time and your staff plans ahead.

Stored in your PMS, you provide the optimal room assignment and have more control over your inventory.

Mobile keys

Mobile keys

Our online hotel check-in solutions are fully compatible with several mobile key applications.

Guests can choose to request a key from their favorite app, (like MyKey from Ariane) or be prompted to download an app prior to arrival. Avoid last minute scrambles for Wi-Fi.

Online Check-in and Out

Allegro Online Classic is a cloud based software solution to help you supports a wide range of self-service features from anywhere. Active in more than 1.000 hotels, it has helped millions of guests simplify their hotel arrival or departure.

Allegro Online connects to your hotel PMS, an online payment system and works best if you have a keycard dispenser or kiosk in your hotel. Guests can pick up their key in as few as three steps. Your required forms are pre-filled with information in the hotel reservation system, skipping unnecessary steps for guests at check-in.

Any updates made by the guest immediately save back to your hotel PMS. Their data is securely stored and your staff has everything they need to best serve your guests.


Arriving guests are invited via SMS and e-mail to the service


You choose eligibility and scheduling requirements for easiest use.
With a click of a button, the guest connects to the web application, completes his registration card and pre-pays his stay (if required). The pre-check-in is queued in our Microsoft Azure powered backend. Automatic room assignment and check-in starts in the afternoon on the day of arrival.

Give your guests more control of their stay with the following enhanced features:
Increase Revenue per Guest: Encourage guests to add a delicious breakfast and other items
Better Inventory Control: Allow guests to make room requests and assign the best match based on need and inventory
Mobile keys: Allow guests to use or request mobile keys and skip encoding keycards

Easy Key Pickup

When guests check in online, they receive a QR code on day of arrival. They simply scan and pick up their room key when they arrive at the hotel. This is a simple to use, efficient and guest friendly way to allow your guests to access their hotel room in a few simple steps.

Key pickup is supported by all of our indoor and outdoor kiosks



Guests use the link in an email or text to check-out.

It is easy to review room charges, update his business address, pay and complete check-out with a few clicks. The invoice can be printed or sent as an email.

Check-out is fully automatic and keeps your PMS up to date. Get ahead of the cleaning schedule with real-time reports for housekeeping on vacant and dirty rooms.

Allegro Kiosk Solutions


Allegro Cloud Kiosk


A single cloud-based software platform for an advanced self-service solution. Create an easy self-check-in process at every point of the guest journey, from online to their own mobile device to your kiosk. Built for easy integration and support with an open and flexible architecture.


Allegro kiosk classic


Powerful software suite installed in more than 2000 hotels.

Locally installed software with extensive support for keycard and PMS integrations.


App integration

Already use an app for your hotel or chain?


We can help add our check-in and check-out to your application. Provide the complete guest journey for your users within your existing app.

The automation and backend remains the same as for our online check-in, but is now also available in your own application. Add even more options for your users with support for mobile keys and connecting to our mobile key backend.


Premium Certified Partners

Our premium certified partners have a proven track record and integration with the Allegro Suite of kiosk software. You’ll gain access to a complete integration, ready-to-use, with all of the features you need from day one!


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