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Our solutions

Our solutions


Ariane Systems provides complete end-to-end solutions enabling true self-service to hotels. Our range of products include everything you need from online check-in to keycard dispensers and self-service kiosks. Our solutions are the result of over a decade of dedicated service to thousands of hotels all around the globe.

We take pride in our long list of integrations with property management systemspayment systems and keycard systems. These integrations are the foundation that makes your self-service strategy a success with 100% automation.

 All of our products are tied together with a strong suite of backend services giving all of our clients instant access to monitoringstatistics and a feature rich dashboard.

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Online check-in

Online check-in

  Let your hotel guests do their check-in on...

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Kiosk check-in

Kiosk check-in

In many cases, kiosks will be an ideal complemen...

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We are connected! The large number of integ...

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The Ariane Backend systems gives you full contro...

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Online check-in



Let your hotel guests do their check-in online before they arrive at the hotel using their preferred device (PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone). Online check-in is not "limited service" – actually quite the opposite! We offer upselling, preferences, payment and many more services – comfort and convenience at your fingertips!

Room number, QR codes and other important arrival information is shared with the guest once the room is allocated and everything is set for a 100% queue-free arrival at the hotel!

Online check-out completes your self-service offering and allows the guest to check his invoice, add minibar consumption, update contact information and settle his account - all from his mobile phone, PC or tablet!

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Kiosk check-in


In many cases, kiosks will be an ideal complement to your e-service strategy. Whether a guest is unable to check-in online prior to his arrival or simply because one step could not be completed online, Ariane's exclusive DUO kiosk range features solutions that will enable your guests to take maximum advantage of your self-service strategy. Online, on-site, indoor, outdoor – we have a solution for all of your needs!



We are connected! The large number of integrations with payment systems, property management systems, access control systems and more brings our self-service solution to life. Good integrations with leading suppliers is a pre-requisite for a functional, feature rich and fully automatic solution.

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The Ariane Backend systems gives you full control with every aspect of your self-service solution. We go beyond promising high performance and high uptime – we give you the tools to verify these statements on your own. The backend suite of tools include the Statistics module, the Monitoring module and the Dashboard giving your front desk staff full control of all arrivals and departures.

  • Integrations - PMS

    17 Novembre 2014 Written by Published in Integrations

     A strong integration with your PMS combined with our online and kiosk software makes up the core of your self-service solution. We have two types of integrations with PMS:

    - IPKV – Ariane’s standard kiosk / self-service integration protocol. This is an advanced PMS integration with an extensive range of features. The integration is performed by your PMS supplier (if not already in place) using our documentation and test environment. Our R&D department will help if needed, and performs the certification tests once integration is completed.

    - OWS – Ariane integrates with Micros Opera using OWS

    All data captured during guest check-in/out is stored / updated in your PMS. This removes the risk for duplicates, loss of data and synchronization issues. You can always be certain that what you see in the PMS is accurate and up to date!

  • Backend - Statistics

    14 Novembre 2014 Written by Published in Backend

    The statistics module visualizes the performance of your self-service solution

    A selection of features available in the statistics tool:
    - Chain overview with top and bottom performers 
    - The most vital data is visualized with check-in and check-out dashboard indicators 
    - Build your own customized reports with ”drag and drop” and save them for later use 
    - Export data to excel for further analysis 
    - Export graphs for use in presentations 
    - Compare the performance of multiple hotels by creating a competitive set of hotels

    Created with responsive web design and available on all types of devices and with no download required!

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  • Backend - Monitoring

    29 Gennaio 2015 Written by Published in Backend

    Our online monitoring tool provides real-time information on the performance of your connected systems.
    It answers questions like:
    - How fast it the response of your PMS? 
    - Does it vary over time and different days of the week? 
    - Is your Payment gateway performing well... 
    - ...and much more. A great tool to locate the failing component and help fix the problem!


  • Backend - Dashboard

    14 Novembre 2014 Written by Published in Backend

    Dashboard V2
    Dashboard v2 gives you instant control over the check-in and check-out process

    A selection of features are available in the Dashboard v2 tool:
    - Chain-overview showing all hotels and their performance 
    - Detailed information on your hotel and all guests arriving and departing 
    - Instant access to information about online check-in 
    - Payment 
    - Access codes 
    - E-mail and SMS communication and check-out 
    - Not only access to information, but also a great tools to control the process 

    No download required – works on 99% of all devices


  • 14 Novembre 2014 Written by Published in Backend

    Not everything is about the guest experience. The total success for your self-service strategy is dependent on a strong backend. Our powerful BackOffice suite of tools ensures that your staff is in full control and that we maximize the usage and return of investment of your self-service solution.

  • Advanced statistics module

    14 Novembre 2014 Written by Published in Backend

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