Duo 6000 series - Customization
  • Duo 6000 Series

    Duo 6000 Series

Duo 6000 series - Customization


You have 3 levels of customization:

Kiosk furniture
This part of customization is the "client area": he decides what type of furniture he wants to integrate the kiosk, according to his hotel lobby decoration or design. It can be a desk or a cabinet.

Here are the different devices you can choose regarding your hotel equipment project:
- Pinpad systems (different regarding different parts of the world).
- Key systems (different regarding magnetic, electronic or physical keys).
- Passport scan (depends of your country).
- Esign pad (usually goes with the passport scan).
- Payment system (different regarding different parts of the world).

This level of customization is based on a design and ergonomics work.

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