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Our solutions

Our solutions

Ariane Systems provides complete end-to-end solu...

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Our devices

Our devices

In many cases, kiosks will be an ideal complem...

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Our partners

Our partners

Ariane firmly believes in strong partnerships an...

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Our solutions


Ariane Systems provides complete end-to-end solutions enabling true self-service to hotels. Our range of products include everything you need from online check-in to keycard dispensers and self-service kiosks. Our solutions are the result of over a decade of dedicated service to thousands of hotels all around the globe.

We take pride in our long list of integrations with property management systemspayment systems and keycard systems. These integrations are the foundation that makes your self-service strategy a success with 100% automation.

 All of our products are tied together with a strong suite of backend services giving all of our clients instant access to monitoringstatistics and a feature rich dashboard.

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Our devices


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In many cases, kiosks will be an ideal complement to your online check-in strategy. Whether a guest is unable to check-in prior to his arrival or simply because one step could not be completed on-line, Ariane's exclusive DUO kiosk range features solutions that will enable your guests to take maximum advantage of your self-service strategy.

The complete range of kiosks is powered by our own Allegro kiosk software, created and maintained by our in-house team of developers. Allegro and ABOL (Allegro BackOffice Light) supports over 100 integration with PMS, Payment and keycard systems.

The Allegro software is configured specifically for your hotel or chain of hotels. It is fully configurable with 1000's of parameters that can be set to match the exact needs and technical infrastructure at the location where it is to be installed.

Ariane produces a wide range of kiosks and accessories for indoor, outdoor, integrated, single purpose (like our keycard-dispenser which can create a keycard for a guest who checked-in online in less than 15 seconds) and multipurpose. In short – we have a solution for all of your needs!

Our partners


Ariane firmly believes in strong partnerships and «best of breed» solutions. We work closely together with some of the best and most respected hotel technology providers in the world to ensure support for their products and next generation technologies.

  • 14 Novembre 2014 Written by Published in Backend

    Not everything is about the guest experience. The total success for your self-service strategy is dependent on a strong backend. Our powerful BackOffice suite of tools ensures that your staff is in full control and that we maximize the usage and return of investment of your self-service solution.

  • Backend - Statistics

    14 Novembre 2014 Written by Published in Backend

    The statistics module visualizes the performance of your self-service solution

    A selection of features available in the statistics tool:
    - Chain overview with top and bottom performers 
    - The most vital data is visualized with check-in and check-out dashboard indicators 
    - Build your own customized reports with ”drag and drop” and save them for later use 
    - Export data to excel for further analysis 
    - Export graphs for use in presentations 
    - Compare the performance of multiple hotels by creating a competitive set of hotels

    Created with responsive web design and available on all types of devices and with no download required!

    statistics 2

  • Test device

    22 Settembre 2014 Written by Published in Duo 1700 series

    This is a test of devices

  • A world class suite of products

    Allegro Web

    Because there is nothing more comfortable than a big screen, a mouse and a keyboard, we have placed Allegro Web at the centre of our solution. Allegro Web is accessible from any computer with internet access. In a few steps, your guests will be able to perform a full on-line check-in/out.
    They can select their preferred rooms, fill in their registration card details and directly receive their room number. On the day of arrival, they simply retrieve their room key cards from one of our key dispensing solutions or even use their mobile phone!

    If you think this sounds easy, it means you have not tried it yet, because it is even simpler than it sounds.

    Allegro Mobile

    Your guests are constantly on the move. Therefore you want to offer them mobility so they can use their mobile devices to perform their on-line check-in/out. With Allegro Mobile there is nothing simpler than checking-in/out. Allegro adapts to most of today's smartphone and creates an intuitive application with all the functions your guests need. Checking-in while in the airport waiting for a plane or checking-out from your room before leaving the hotel is a revolution.


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