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The beautiful 310-room Holiday Inn Hotel Brussels airport hotel is now live with kiosk check-in powered by Ariane systems and installed by our partner Van Hessen.

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Duo 4000NA series - Features

  Check-in/Check-out and more7
On arrival, guests register at the kiosk and receive their room key. At check-out, they review their invoice on the kiosk screen and proceed to payment. A detailed invoice and payment card receipt is printed for the guest. Guests can also walk-in and access in-house functionalities such as "See my invoice" or "Get an additional room key card".

  Client satisfaction
Energizing the company's brand image, the kiosk is the answer to today's society and its increasing demand for speed, autonomy and comfort.

  Gain time
With the kiosk, you offer an innovative service: available 24/7. The kiosk is the alternative to queues at reception. The scenario is user friendly and multi-lingual, adding comfort to the user.

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Duo 4000NA series - Models

DUO 4000NA

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Duo 4000NA series - Furniture

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Duo 4000NA series

Duo 4000NA Innovative solutions

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Why Ariane


  Complete solution
We develop our own hardware and software for kiosks, keycard dispensers and online check-in. These are the flexible and powerful building blocks used to create the optimal guest experience for your hotel guests.


  100% automatic
We believe that administrative and repetitive tasks should be fully automated. This will allow your staff to focus on what is most important - your hotel guests!


  We are integrated
Good integrations with your most important systems (PMS, payment and keycards) is essential for success. We offer over 70 different integrations to the most used systems in hospitality.


Buying from Ariane not only gives you the most advanced hardware and software available. It also gives you access to a decade of experience in delivering self-service and guest experiences solutions to hotels!

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