Online check-in - Advanced Features

Apple Passbook
- Apple Passbook makes it simple to store and find all of your reservations
- All iPhones support Passbook out of the box 
- Passbook is even supported on Android with PassWallet (download from Google Play) 
- Passbook is automatically activated when you approach your destination on arrival day 
- Ariane Passbook Passes contains all essential information and a QR code to create your room key in an instant 
- Simple, easy to use and perfect for frequent travelers

We deliver the weather forecast for your destination right into your pocket.

Local time
Timezones can be confusing...
EET, CET, summertime, +1...
We make it simple and straightforward

Google maps
- Trying to find the address of the hotel you booked weeks ago
- Problems finding the way to your hotel
- We have a full integration with Google maps from our online check-in
- Quick pre-view already in the overview
- Open Google Maps with one click
- And find the way to your next destination

eConcierge Integrations

A strong selection of industry leading partners ensure a complete and transparent end-to-end guest experience.

Upsell with Nor1
Ariane – the leading provider of self-service & nor1 – the leading provider of room upgrade technology will combine our technologies to ensure even better guest experiences and increased revenues

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