Better together for a contactless and safe check-in experience with Mews PMS and Ariane Systems

To prepare for a secure return of customers in the coming months, Ariane Systems is busy helping our hotel clients offer a safe and efficient check-in experience.

Ariane Systems offers you a time limited offer for hotels using
Mews PMS

Offer valid until April 30th 2021, take advantage of an exceptional offer on compact kiosks integrated with Mews PMS.

Kiosk check-in

Enjoy 6 months free on software license and support fees on the Duo 2100 and get started on your contactless journey!


Ronald Journo
Director of Sales France
+33 6 10 44 33 63



Michel Destaillats
Sales Manager West Side of France
+33 6 14 05 94 54



Julien Kientzler
Sales Manager East Side of France & Switzerland
+33 7 69 09 56 23



Patrick Goetelen
Sales Manager Germany & Switzerland
+49 7141 79 71 79 5


Future Proof Investment - Upgrade options


Indoor kiosks

Opt for the compact Duo 2100-series for simple desktop installation, ready in only a few hours. Create a memorable stay for your guests with an easy to use check-in solution

Upgrade to the indoor Duo 6000-series kiosks who can be integrated into your lobby with custom carpentry  with the options needed to support your hotel operations


Contactless payment

Indoor kiosks can be equipped with table-top chip and pin credit card terminals

Outdoor kiosks can be equipped with tamper proof credit card terminals approved for unattended kiosks

All of our credit card terminals support chip and contactless payment


Online and Web


Mobile check-in and room assignment is included in this offer

Upgrade with mobile check-out to take full advantage of the solution, and maximize staff and guest safety


Outdoor kiosks

Built to be outdoors 365 days of the year—heat or cold, rain or shine!

Our outdoor kiosks are fully customizable with the options needed to support your hotel operations

Can be configured for automatic encoding of magnetic or RFID keycards, or add compartments to hold traditional keys

Getting started is simpler than you might think.


Certified and approved self-service functionality when integrated with Mews PMS.



- Search for reservation
- Room notification*
- Scan ID/Passport*
- Update registration card 
- Additional guests*
- Upsell early check-in*
- Upsell additional items
- Register payment
- Encode keycard
- Print arrival note


- Search for available rooms
- Create reservation
- Check-In + all included check-in functionality


- Get additional key
- Get replacement key


- Search for reservation
- Review charges
- Update contact info
- Register payment
- Receive invoice by mail
* licensed feature not included in the offer

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