Access Control Integrations

More than 15 Access Control interfaces

Access Control integrations

Hotel check-in isn’t complete until a key is delivered! Ariane supports a wide range of access control system integrations enabling us to create magnetic or RFID keycards and to issue mobile keys.

Ariane integrates directly with the access control server to ensure full functionality. It includes the handling of duplicate keys, update of online systems, and encoding of special information (for parking or loyalty programs).

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Assa Abloy Global Solutions

Assa Abloy Global Solutions


ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions has been at the forefront of driving key innovation within the hospitality industry by providing hotels with products that increase guest satisfaction, thereby increasing their overall value. They continue to use the most advanced technologies to offer security and peace of mind to both hospitality providers and their guests.

The advanced integration between Ariane and Assa Abloy access control systems enables automatic keycard encoding in our kiosks and keycard dispensers. Arriving guests can pick up their RFID or Magnetic keycard in a few seconds and experience frictionless arrival to their hotel room. Mobile keys are automatically issued after completing online check-in and delivered “over the air” to the guests’ mobile device.

Technical details

Supported keycard types and technologies

  • Magnetic (Ariane encoder),
  • RFID Ultralight (Ariane encoder)
  • RFID Mifare Classic 1k (supplier encoder)
  • Mobile keys

Supported methods: Read, write, duplicate, common areas/additional information

Name of available interfaces

  • Visionline/VisiOnline: PMS+
  • Vingcard: TCP/IP
  • Mobile keys

Stacker: Yes (Magnetic and RFID)

Tap to code: Yes (RFID and only with supplier encoder)


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