Pionnier des réservations en ligne via Smartphones, le Louvre Hotels Group continue d'innover et lance un nouveau service gratuit: "Easy Check-In/Out"

Pionnier des réservations en ligne via Smartphones, le Louvre Hotels Group continue d'innover et lance un nouveau service gratuit: "Easy Check-In/Out"

Paris, 15 juin 2012 - Premier groupe hotelier à proposer à ses clients un service gratuit de réservation via une application smartphone, le Louvre Hotels Group continu ces effort de répondre à la demande de ces clients pour proposer des services de check-in et check-out toujours plus efficaces, rapides et faciles d'utilisation, grâce au lancement du service "Easy Check-In/Out". 

Louvre Hotels Group is the first group in the budget hotels sector to offer this new, free and innovative online Check-in Check-out service, reserved for direct* customers of its Première Classe and Campanile brands.

As such, the customer will benefit from a significant time saving when arriving and leaving his or her hotel, from the reassurance of obtaining their room number in advance, and from priority service.

- easy Check-in: At the end of the online reservation process, the customer is offered the option of a direct pre-Check-in. He or she then receives a code which allows him or her to collect the room key without waiting, through priority access at the check-in desk, or via a terminal. The guest can then go straight to their room.
- easy Check-out: The day before departure, the guest receives an email inviting him or her to complete a pre-check-out online. He or she pays for the whole stay directly via computer, smartphone or tablet device and can leave the room without passing by the reception desk.

This new service was developed by Louvre Hotels Group in partnership with the Ariane Systems company. It is part of Louvre Hotels Group’s aim to challenge the hotels market by offering increasingly innovative services for its customers, in keeping with the positions of its various brands. Indeed, since the launch of the “Nouvelle Génération” concept in 2008, Campanile has become noted for its premium, modern and innovative services. The Première Classe brand concentrates on access to “smart use”, getting straight to the user’s most essential needs.

Nathalie Duneau, Louvre Hotels Group Marketing Director, said: “We were the first French group to invest in mobile channels three years ago, with our smartphone application HotelForYou. Whether as part of our distribution or of our communication strategy, the digital domain is our investment priority not only in financial terms, but also in terms of human and strategic resources. This new service follows the direction the Group wishes to take, anticipating and moving forward with our clients’ patterns of consumption. “

* the service is exclusively reserved for individual bookings made on the websites campanile.com or premiere-classe.com, or by telephone (via central reservation or at a hotel directly). To begin with the service will be launched in 23 locations in France, and should then spread out across the whole hotel network.

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