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Duo 2020 series



The mobile key is part of the future, but so far only available in select hotels. Ariane has supported mobile keys since 2011 and work closely with the leading providers to add support for the next generation of mobile keys. We also realize that the majority of hotels do not yet have access to this amazing technology. This is why we created the Duo 2020 keycard dispenser to "bridge the gap" between picking up your keycard at the desk and waving your mobile phone in front of the door.

The Duo 2020 keycard dispensers is a true "front desk bypass" solution available today and with support for more than 30 different access control systems. It completes your online check-in solution enabling your guests to pick up their keycard in a few seconds after arriving at the hotel.

Arriving guests can either enter a pickup code, scan their barcode or a Passbook pass to find their reservation and get a magnetic stripe or RFID keycard in 15-20 seconds after entering the hotel.

  • Duo 2020 series - Other Devices

    17 November 2014 Written by Published in Duo 2020 series

    Other Devices 

  • Duo 2020 series - Furniture

    17 November 2014 Written by Published in Duo 2020 series

    The Duo 2020 series can be provided with a simple and elegant furniture.

    duo2020 furniture

  • Duo 2020 series - Features

    17 November 2014 Written by Published in Duo 2020 series

      Complete solution
    Compact key card dispenser The Duo 2000 is the latest innovation within the Ariane portfolio. This micro kiosk has been developed to work in combination with the latest Allegro suite.

      For online Check-In
    On-line check-in guests can retrieve their room key card in a few seconds After a guest uses the on-line check-in solution, the problem of how to get the room key card remains.

    Able to interface with the main PMS systems, the Duo 2000 series operates autonomously.
    Fast, responsive and efficient processes, web check-in and mobile check-in  literally became key user behaviors for business hotels.

    The Duo 2000 series are exclusively dedicated to web and mobile check-in.
    Real-time notifications via email and sms for arrived customers.
    Possibility delivering several keys based on the client application.
    Compact indoor kiosk.
    Encode magnetic cards or RFID.
    Unstacker with storage for about 150 cards.
    2D-barcode reader optional.

  • Duo 2020 series

    17 November 2014 Written by Published in Duo 2020 series

    Most key card systems are not compatible with a "front desk bypass" solution. Ariane has developed the Duo 2020 to "fill" this gap and enable guests to pick up their room key card by keying in their confirmation number on the Duo 2020 pin pad. Alternatively, they can scan the barcode received when booking using the integrated 2D barcode reader.
    This kiosk is working with Allegro Viki Web/mobile software.

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