Duo 1700 series - Features
  • Duo 1700 Series

    Duo 1700 Series

Duo 1700 series - Features

  Check-in 24/7
The Duo 1700 is the most advanced and successful check in solution for the hotel industry. Powered by Allegro © & Abol software, emphasis and focus has been placed on delivering user satisfaction and ergonomics .
Clients benefit from having access to check-in 24/7 through a simple and intuitive touch screen interface that is available in twelve languages.

  Scalability & Performance
With a range of colour options, there are three models in the Duo 1700 range with interfaces available for more than 50 PMS and key card systems. The Duo 1700 range can also operate with traditional keys.

  Increase your profitability
The Duo 1700 gives you the option of reducing your staff costs whilst still enabling you to offer 24/7 check in. Offering the Duo 1700 as your primary overnight check-in option will quickly finance the solution.

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