Hotel Mobile Check In
  • A new guest check-in experience

    A new guest check-in experience

  • 24/7 self check-in

    24/7 self check-in

  • Even more loyal guests

    Even more loyal guests

  • More time to interact with your guests

    More time to interact with your guests

  • Increase your guest satisfaction

    Increase your guest satisfaction

  • We support 99% of all devices

    We support 99% of all devices

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A selection of our clients using Ariane technology to enable online & kiosk check-in

Online check-in and check-out

Room preferences

Optimize your room selection during online check-in

Online payment

Secure online credit card payment with integrations to a variety of payment gateways

Mobile key

Advanced mobile key management combined with physical keycards

Fully automatic

No need for manual actions or processes

Arrival time

Estimated arrival time for improved room allocation and efficient housekeeping


Upsell breakfast and other services during check-in

Duo 1700 Series

Increase sales

Sell available rooms to guests arriving after opening hours

Opening doors

Support for mechanical, magnetic & RFID keycards.

Secure credit card payment

Chip & pin payment with credit and debit cards

Easy to use

Multi-language user interface and touch screen

Standalone to full PMS integration

Customize to fit your needs

Meet Mr. Hotelier and see his dream come true!

No more guests arriving late, ringing the doorbell and waking him up every night...


Did you know that guest satisfaction drops by 50% after waiting for 5 minutes to check in?*.
We offer solutions enabling your guests to check in online before arrival, or in a kiosk if there is a waiting line.
*according to research by Cornell and J.D. Power

Duo 6020 Series

New and easy to use GUI

New and easy to use user interface fully adapted to your specific needs and services

Secure credit card payment

Secure and easy to use chip & pin payment or pre-authorization

Opening doors

Support for magnetic & RFID keycards.

Advanced PMS integration

Advanced PMS integration with interfaces for more than 30 different systems

Check-in, Xpress keycard delivery, walk-in, check-out

Support for full check-in and out, walk-in , check-out and Xpress keycard delivery

Enhance with passport scanning and signature capture

Advanced passport scanning with OCR and image capture capability

Fully customized GUI to enhance your branding

Customize the look & feel to complement your branding


Duo 2020 keycard dispenser

Combine with online check-in and...

...deliver Xpress key in less than 20 seconds

QR code scanner

QR code scanner to find reservations


Support for more than 30 types of magnetic & RFID keycards.

Fully customized GUI to enhance your branding

Customize the look & feel to complement your branding

Some key facts

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Integrations supported
Countries served

A selection of our partners

We work with a long range of leading hotel technology providers & organizations to bring advanced self-service solutions to the market

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